HI! I’m Marie. Mental Health Social Worker , therapist and founder of the Inside Social Work Podcast.

I created the Inside Social Work podcast to help social workers develop and grow their skills and be motivated and inspired by hearing the stories of other social workers and professionals


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Latest Podcasts

Episode 19: You cannot tell ACT to clients, you have to experience it with them. Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Louise Hayes

In this week’s episode Louise Hayes explains some of the basic principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT.  Louise is a clinical psychologist, peer reviewed ACT trainer, an academic, author, speaker and active philanthropist. Louise uses ACT with young people…

Episode 18: “I need my me time’’. Finding space, laughter and other ways to manage anxiety during difficult times, with Dr Lillian Nejad.

This week’s episode Lillian shares some ways we can manage anxiety during tough times.  We talk about needing alone time, balancing work-life balance and how to support someone when they share with you when they’re in distress. Lillian Nejad, PhD,…