Vittorio and I share stories of why we got into social work, sharing some of our challenges, struggles and memorable moments. Vittorio has been a social worker for over 40 years, with experience in health care, teaching and private practice. He is the host of a podcast called ‘just another do-gooder’. He shares some of the things that drew him to social work as a career and why he got into podcasting.

We discuss the importance of supervision to promote professional development and reduce the risk of burnout.

We discussed how we got into podcasts and share some of our journey and social work careers. We share some stories that have shaped how we work.

Vittorio’s tips for social workers when applying for a job

  • Prepare well for an interview
    • Do your homework, who is the client group, learn about the organisation
    • Call them and ask some questions – get a feel for the place do you want to work there
  • Understand the transferability of other roles and jobs
    • Your skills and knowledge can be transferable
  • Understanding the importance of reflective practice – you’re never able to know everything. Be prepared to answer questions about this.

Books and resources

Vittorio’s website

The New Psychology of Health : Unlocking the Social Cure. By (author)  Catherine Haslam , By (author)  Jolanda Jetten , By (author)  Tegan Cruwys , By (author)  Genevieve Dingle , By (author)  S. Alexander Haslam
Being Mortal : Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End By (author)  Atul Gawande
Lost Connections : Why You’re Depressed and How to Find Hope. By (author)  Johann Hari
Who moved my cheese. By (author)  Spencer Johnson
The Power of Attachment : How to Create Deep and Lasting Intimate Relationships. By (author)  Diane Poole Heller

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