In this episode, Allison and I discuss the importance of gender inclusive health care. We discuss ways individual practitioners can show support, be a safe person to talk to and other ways to be a more inclusive practitioner. 

Allison shares with listeners how she recognised a need for inclusive health care and applied for an innovation challenge , to create a gender clinic in Melbourne’s West, and won! 

About our guest

Allison Parker  has a wide range of experience in health care, as a nurse and paramedic. Currently Allison is Innovation Lead of the Transgender, Gender Diverse & non binary innovation challenge at IPC Health. 

Some resources Allisons shared

Wyndham City council run Q group, a group for ages 12-25 years of the LGBTIQA+ community- a youth led space to provide support and recreational activities.

For parents to seek support and information about their child’s gender identity

Parents of Gender diverse children:

Drummond Street Services has Queerspace for folks who identify as LGBTIQA+ they provide counselling, case management, advocacy and also training and professional development

Transgender Victoria TGV is Victoria’s leading body for trans and gender diveradvocacy. TGV is Victoria’s leading body for trans and gender diverse advocacy.

For resources and support

Minus 18- a youth organisation , amazing service to support the young people who are part of the LGBTIQA+ community

NWPHN- for resources and training for professionals    

Thorne harbour Health ( formally the Victorian AIDS council): for resources and support for the LGBTIQA+ community and professionals for PD and resources

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