Founder and managing director of TaylorCare group Kate Taylor,  runs a recruitment agency in community services for 8 years and is a RUOK Ambassador and entrepreneur.

 In this episode Kate Taylor shares some of her tips to improve your resume and cover letter. She talks about how all communication you have is part of the first impression.

Listen to the episode to find some ways to improve your resume ,cover letter and some tips to make you more employable and a more successful candidate in the jobhunting space

In todays interview she answers the following questions

  1. How can we make sure our application stands out when applying for jobs? 
  2. Why now is ideal time to move jobs post pandemic and restrictions lifting 
  3. What are recruiters & employers looking for when shortlisting people’s applications 
  4. What support is available with cover letters & cvs 
  5. What’s your secret top tip for interviews in community services.

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