In this episode Susan Hancox shares her experience working in forensics services. She shares with the listeners her journey into social work and further studies in psychology. We discuss the raise the age campaign and some of the reasons that social workers , other allied health and medical professionals were advocating to increase the age of criminal responsibility.

Some resources and readings recommended by Sussie

age of criminal responsibility – RACPFollowing Universal Children’s Day, doctors, lawyers, health and human rights experts from across Australia are calling for the age when children can be held criminally liable to be raised to at least 14 years so that primary school aged children are not entangled in the criminal justice
Raising the Age of Criminal ResponsibilityInternationally, strong systems support children in trouble in meaningful and holistic ways. These examples show us that raising the age of criminal responsibility is

Raise The AgeOur petition. To my State Premier or Chief Minister and State/Territory Attorney-General, right now in our state children between 10 and 13 years olds are locked up in prison. Medical experts say that children’s brains are still developing, especially the parts that regulate judgement, decision-making and impulse

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