The unique perspective of social workers in tertiary mental health services.

In this weeks episode , I interview Justine Grimmer  about her experiences working in ED mental health services. Justine has come into social work after a number of years working in welfare and community development roles and several attempts at trying to work at the teacher. She found her heart was in social work , went back to university in her 30’s to study social work. She has worked in a range of different settings and in a range of services. Justine shares with listeners her journey to social work her experience working in hospital social work and some of the challenges that can come working in multidisciplinary teams within a medical model.

Justine’s tips for social work students and new graduates is to get to know yourself, to understand what drives you, what challenges you and what’s important to you.

Justine recognises the importance of supervision and connecting with other social workers and recommend a few different options for connecting with other social workers and professional networks.

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