In this week’s episode, I talk with Louise Pearson. Louise is an accredited mental health social worker with over twenty years of experience in the disability and community sector. She has completed training as a Gestalt Psychotherapist and is also a grief and bereavement counsellor working in Melbourne’s North-East

We talk about the grief and loss that can accompany chronic illness and disability. We explore some of the needs that people have when they are coming to terms with a recent diagnosis or a change in their health that means they’re not able to do the things that they used to do before. 

Louise shares with listeners some of her personal story and journey in social work. 

Louise has a lot of experience and has engaged with additional study and professional development in the loss and grief space. Louise remains passionate about continuing education and encourages listeners to explore gaps in knowledge and read books, listen to talks, and find ways to enhance your learning. She has a list of resources she recommends available on her website also in the links below

‘’It’s ok to be impacted and affected by clients, their stories touch our hearts’’


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