In this week’s episode I talk with Caroline Burrows about EMDR.

Caroline talks us through what EMDR is and what it can be used for. 

Caroline is an Accredited EMDR Trainer and Consultant with a background in Clinical Social Work and Psychotherapy. Through the delivery of innovative EMDR training and consultation services, she encourages, inspires and motivates EMDR therapists in their clinical work. She is also an experienced clinical supervisor. Caroline has 15 years of experience providing therapeutic services across community, hospital, medical and university settings. She is the Owner and Director of Mindful Living, a successful group private practice in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. As the EMDR Coordinator at The Melbourne Clinic, Caroline developed the first inpatient hospital EMDR program in Victoria, Australia. Outside of work Caroline is an animal lover and enjoys walking her dogs, laughing and sharing meals with friends and family.  

Carolines private practice Mindful Living in Croydon, where people can access EMDR therapy (either in-person or online):

Carolines website where people can find out more about her EMDR training, consultation and clinical supervision services:

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