‘’Thinking big’’ providing counselling in a women’s refuge and starting a social enterprise.

Jen has had a very diverse and interesting career. In this interview she shares with listeners some of her journey and what inspired her to become a social worker. We discuss so mush in this episode. We explore some of the frameworks Jen draws on when working in her counselling practice, managing self care and reducing burnout and connecting with others Jen is an accredited mental health social worker, working in public health, private practice and is the founder of a social enterprise, 4th space. 

Jen has us thinking about 

What’s motivating you to be in this space?

Why are you in it? 

Why are you wanting to do this work.

Things to consider

Working to reduce the power imbalance

Supervision is important

Feeling powerless and hopeless → at the system

Holding the space and hope 

Trusting your knowledge and instinct 

Vicarious trauma

→ It’s going to happen

Self care practices 

Knowing yourself , your triggers , supportive network

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Resources recommended by Jen 


See what you made me do. By Jess Hill

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