In my interview with Ashton Hayes, she shares her journey starting off as a paralegal working in family law. Her career took on a new trajectory as she discovered she felt she could do more hands-on work as a social worker. 

Ashton Hayes (Bachelor of Social Work (Hons); Master of Criminology and Criminal Justice), is an accredited mental social worker with many years of experience working with children and families. She is passionate about working with people who have experienced trauma and works collaboratively with each client to create a safe and positive therapeutic experience. Ashton utilises a number of different modalities and creative approaches, in consultation with her client, in order to create a supportive environment. Ashton is also a clinical supervisor and leadership coach who uses a trauma-informed approach to support supervisees and leaders in their roles as well as helping them to achieve their career goals.

She talks about how she felt children were being left behind in family law and the legal system. So she made the move from family law to social work. 

Some key parts of this interview

  • You’re allowed to ask for support
  • Don’t engage in comparative suffering 
  • Watch the power, clients are inherently powerless in the system
  • Take time to nurture yourself, you can’t pour from an empty cup
  • Supervision is VERY important
  • Watch the golden girls for self-care 
  • Joining groups with other social workers
  • Keep a reflective journal

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