Suzanne Doorakkers is an AMHSW and director of a large group practice, Emerald Tree Counselling, in Geelong. Last year Suzanne was elected onto the AASW board and shares some of her experiences being on a board for an organisation she is a member of.

Hear about how Suzanne moved from an interest in science and nursing to becoming a social worker. 

Suzanne is very passionate about the student experience and feels having a good placement can be a great start to your career. 

‘’Because we do it for someone , we assume someone should do it for us. No one does it for us.’’ 

Self care tips from Suzanne:

  • Only take on clients who she’s passionate about/ enjoys
  • Doing the kind of work you enjoy doing
  • Fierce with her family time and protecting it 

Ways to get involved (and make lifelong friends)

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