This week’s episode takes a look at something a little different, getting a job. Kate Taylor, founder and managing director of Taylor care recruitment, shares with the inside social work listeners a range of tips and advice to land that perfect job.

Kates tips for students on placement (what opportunities should they take up to improve their employability for when they graduate ?)

  • Encourage them to be proactive
  • Use opportunities to network
  • Know people and managers and teams
  • Know the organisation
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Take it seriously like its a job, 
  • Offer to do other roles, like support work, volunteer 
  • Show your teachable
  • I know you’re really busy, when is the best time to talk to you
  • Be proactive 

Tips for new graduates, how they can enhance their resume and make themselves someone stand out?

Kate says it’s very competitive, there are some people with lots of experience.

Her tips include 

  • Be proactive and contact people, follow up with the application. 
  • Show you’re eager, enthusiastic, techable 

Kates tips for your resume

You have about 15 seconds to impress someone so make sure your resume is

  • Clear
  • Formatt it correctly
  • Promote your best self, this is not the time to undersell yourself
  • Make it clear why they should call YOU

Before  sending off your resume, Kate recommends you call and ask the employer more details about the job. Do your homework – check the organisation 

I asked Kate how do you balance being humble in your resume while also highlighting/ showcasing your skills and achievements.

Kate says 

  • Confidence is better then arrogant
  • Confidence is contagious
  • This about what’s the thing  that you bring?
  • Always be teachable  

Kates tips for networking / getting yourself out there 

  • Get into lots of groups /social media
  • Ask for feedback and ideas?
  • Have a linkedin profile 
  • Seek profile – optimised 

In the interview

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. 

  • Do your homework on the organisation
  • Prepare before the interview – take some deep breaths

Kates self care tips

  • Get a Business coach or supervisor 
    • They help keep you accountable and motivated
  • Professional development  
  • Exercise – move my body everyday 
  • Gratitude practice 
  • Meditation 

If you don’t get the job you want? Remember  ‘’Every no it’s getting you closer to the yes’’

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