This week’s episode explores the world of school social work. I talk with Kylie Lloyd, who shares her experiences transitioning into social work as a mature student, while balancing the requirements of the degree and also being a single mother of 2 children.

Kylie shares her experience being a learner as an adult and how she transitioned from HR to volunteering for Lifeline then making the jump into social work. She talks about how hard it can be mentally and financially to study again while also looking at how rewarding it can be. Kylie shares her experiences and the highs and lows that come with working in an environment where you’re the minority profession.

We talk about the challenges working with families and Kylie sheds some light into working with young people in a school environment and how she navigates the system, advocating for young people while also balancing the often competing needs of different stakeholders. As a family therapist in training Kylie lets us in on some of the ways her thinking has changed and some of the ways she’s incorporating systems work and family work into her work with young people.