This week’s episode takes a look at working with diversity, in particular with LGBTQIA+ people. The way we communicate is important, it doesn’t just communicate the content of what we’re doing, it communicates our beliefs and assumptions about the world.  I hope this episode gives you some ideas and tips on how to be more inclusive in your practice. This is a real area of need and we know the stats are alarming for people especially young people if they don’t get the right support when they need it. Stigma, fear and judgment can prevent someone getting help. 

Josh Muller (they/them) is a registered psychologist passionate about LGBTQIA+ health and well-being. While specialising in gender, sex, and sexuality, they work across the lifespan and a broad range of issues affecting their client’s lives. 

Josh is a great resource and shares some of their tips on how you can be more inclusive, things you can do in your practice and recommends some resources you can look at if you’d like to learn more. Josh shares advice on how to be more comfortable talking about sexuality and diversity. 

They encourage you to interrogate your own understanding of things and reflect on your ideas and values of gender and sexuality,