“I need my me time’’. Finding space, laughter and other ways to manage anxiety during difficult times, with Dr Lillian Nejad.

This week’s episode Lillian shares some ways we can manage anxiety during tough times. 

We talk about needing alone time, balancing work-life balance and how to support someone when they share with you when they’re in distress.

Lillian Nejad, PhD, is a registered and endorsed clinical psychologist and author with over 20 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of individuals with mild to severe psychological issues and disorders. She currently has a private practice in Brighton, Victoria.  

Lillian’s mission is to promote accurate and nonjudgmental views on mental health and to provide REAL information and strategies for a variety of psychological problems, issues and disorders based on REAL evidence and REAL experience in an accessible, genuine and engaging manner that fosters positive change for everyone involved.

Links to Lillian’s resources

Coping with Coronavirus Article (also has other helpful MH  blogs and radio segments)


Insight Timer: link to three mindfulness/relaxation exercises and two courses



 Coming soon


Long version of British Family Les Mis


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