In my interview with Cathy we talk about the benefits and challenges in running a private practice.  She shares some insights into the fears allied health professionals have in this area.

Cathy Love is an Allied Health Business Coach, Speaker, Author and Occupational Therapist. She is the founding director of Nacre Consulting. She coaches allied health business owners to run powerful businesses that change lives.

In this episode we talk about 

  • Marketing your self and your brand while maintaining boundaries and ethics. 
  • Personal brand , business brand and product brand
  • Choosing / finding a niche and giving up the fear of only ever seeing 1 type of client
  • Internal hurdles – feeling guilty for working in private practice
  • Getting paid for what you’re worth
  • The value you bring to the therapeutic relationship and the impact you have in that person’s life
  • Things to consider before going into private practice – risk, finances, energy and personality 
  • Start as you mean to proceed 
  • Wearing too many hats as a business owner 
  • The word admin – (goes in the swear jar)

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