In this episode we talk about how to make the most of supervision, how to be a supervisor and some of the issues social workers encounter when running a business. Jane shares her experience working in a range of fields locally and internationally, training, educating and supervising. She shares her top tips for making the most of supervision and empathises with supervisors who are working with passive supervisee’s ,sharing her wisdom and ideas for improving the supervisory relationship

Jane Wexler is the Founding Director of Wex Group Pty Ltd, specialising in leadership development, coaching, supervision and training in Australia, China, Singapore and Asia Pacific. Jane is widely sought after for her expertise as consultant, supervisor, coach and educator, having delivered AASW/ACWA endorsed supervision training and other learning programs to thousands of human services professionals in Australia and abroad. Prior to establishing her own company, she was co-owner/co- publisher of a successful Australian entertainment magazine and taught social work students across Australian universities, and business studies students in China.

Jane combines her qualifications and unique blend of skills in human services, business and education with an interest in eastern philosophy and dissolving some of the boundaries between sectors, disciplines and methods. Her professional life is balanced by a long involvement in the arts and entertainment industries in publishing and as an accomplished singer/songwriter. Jane’s approach reflects her commitment to developing self-mastery, authentic relationships and using effective frameworks and tools creatively, with a spirit of adventure. 

Challenges working as a social worker and starting a business

  • How to reconcile asking for money for your work
  • Have to understand their relationship with money
  • Systems
  • Marketing
  • Communication

Cross over with social enterprise

You have to like taking risks

Jumping in trying something new

How to relinquish control and not take on everything

You don’t know what you don’t know

Janes tip?

Ask people!

The journey to becoming a supervisor and started a business as a trainer and coach

Started in a primary school 

Moved into a wide range of sectors

Started working with an educational college 

Started teaching 

Moved to China

‘’Don’t worry if you make mistakes’’

‘’Back yourself more’’

Tips for supervisors

  • Be transparent
    • How are we going to build trust 
    • How are we going to manage this
    • How can we work well together
    • Be explicit 
    • Let them know they’re not being judged
  • Back yourself more
  • Follow your intuition
  • Don’t criticise yourself 
  • If you have a gap in knowledge do something about it
  • Reflection 
  • Balance it up with action
  • Think about your personal strengths

If the supervisee is passive 

  • Understand what works best
  • Is there an organisational issues
  • Are they struggling with their work
  • Do they know what supervision is
  • Can be culturally different 
  • Can be intimidating 

Ask them directly – if you suspect something don’t wonder

Ask them


Different ideas and experiences of what it is

Organisation can have pressure to use it as a management tool  while its an aspect of supervision ,we want supervision to be focused on deep thinking, reflection, professional growth.

Collaborative trusting relationship. There may always be that power difference if your supervisor is your line manager. 

Tips for supervisees

  • Prepare for supervision
    • What do i want
    • What am I likely to get
    • What’s the best way I can get that
  • Take responsibility for what happens in supervision
  • What outcome do you want?
  • Ask others what works well, what do they do?

Face to face training – open to the public

Onsite training

Elearning course – online at

AASW interview