Throughout Laura’s work with people she heard a lot of people talking about being lonely. Some were well connected and well resourced individuals that they were not getting enough social connection. This sparked an idea.

Laura Rouhan is the co founder and general manager of Friends for Good. She has a background community development which spans over 15 years. Laura also manages a local neighbourhood house in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

She thought hey ‘’Let’s do something about this! ” Why not us!?”

Friends for Good was Established 2016. It’s mission is to  ‘’Free people from loneliness’’

In this episode we talked about the …

Stigma around loneliness

What are the causes of loneliness?

  • Getting a picture of it is difficult
  • Poses a risk to long term health  
  • Immensely detrimental to our health
  • Layers of difficulty
  • Chronic physical health challenged
  • Chronic mental health 
  • Limited finances
  • Speaking to more men than women 

How to get involved

‘’Say hello’’

Check out the website

Print a flier and put somewhere 

Talk to people about loneliness



Lauras self care includes :
‘Saying no’ , being part of communities of practice, photography