Jo is doing her final year of a Masters of Social Work (Qualifying), and is currently supporting caseworkers working with vulnerable families and children. Alice is a social worker in a residential educational setting and recently graduated from a Masters of Social Work (Qualifying). Alice and Jo produce a periodical that centres around social workers, the field and the various challenges that people are addressing in their area of expertise. 

It all started with a video essay… 

Jo and Alice wanted to showcase the incredible diversity and skills of their peers. There were students in their course who had already accomplished so much in a variety of setting, locally and overseas.  The idea built momentum, Jo and Alice teamed up and Social Work Talk was born.

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In this episode listen to Jo and Alice share their experiences moving from students to professionals

Some of the things we talk about

  • Challenges doing research on placement
  • Having difficult conversations with your onsite supervisor or manager while on placement
  • Being prepared for the expenses of the profession
    • Professional development
    • Supervision
    • Memberships and associations

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