Welcome to episode 0: Introduction to Inside Social Work

This podcast episode will look a little different to future episodes

Its a chance for you to get to know the host Marie Vakakis and hear about her motivations for the podcast.

The Inside Social Work podcast is a podcast interview series helps social workers develop and grow their skills and be motivated and inspired by hearing the stories of other social workers and professionals.  

Come along on this journey with Marie where her guests share their stories, fears, challenges and career breakthroughs that have led them to where they are today.

Marie is an accredited mental health social worker and knows that social worker can be dynamic, challenging and often as we know can be a great sources of stress and at the same time very rewarding.

This podcast aims to inspire social workers to:

  • Discover new areas of practice
  • Gain insight into specialty areas and learn new skills
  • How to combine different specialities
  • Be motivated and inspired by hearing the stories of other social workers and not only hear about their successes but also hear about their struggles , challenges and fears
  • Learn about some of the different fields of social work , how to work with each other and what are some of the strengths and limitations of those areas
  • advice about how to develop your clinical skills and some of the tools you can adapt into your work
  • Give advice on books to read and other resources
  • And importantly self-care advice and how to reduce burn out

Coming up we have an interview with Olga Gountras, National Manager of Social Work Services at Slater and Gordon. Listen to how Olga developed the first social work service in a private law firm, now celebrating its 10th year. Hear about how Slater and Gordon’s free Social Work service exists to support their clients Australia-wide who are facing a wide range of emotional and practical concerns as they move through the process of claiming compensation. We discuss a range of issue relating to social workers and their understanding of the law and the ongoing training and workshops the social work service runs to educate social workers on a range of topics.

An interview with CEO Grant Holland, we discuss his journey from working with cars to becoming a Social Worker and Family Therapist. We take a look at some of the various roles he’s had and how his career lead him to establishing the creative and innovative employment training program at the Holland Foundation,  that has helped 506 people get jobs in the last 6 years.

An interview with Associate Professor Ronnie Egan, explores the need for quality student placements, the hesitations some people have to take on a student and the unexpected learnings and rewards. We discuss some of the support and training options available to those wanting to take on a student and how to get in touch with the university if you’d like to express interest.

Topics we want to cover in future episodes

  • Working with trauma
  • Working with conflict and medication
  • Growth mindset
  • Working with autism spectrum
  • Mental health and mental illness
  • Working with children
  • Play therapy
  • Foster care
  • Family work
  • Working in schools
  • Grief and loss
  • And a whole bunch of other things

Thank you for tuning in

I hope you find what my guests and I have to say helpful and inspiring.

If there’s something you want to hear get in touch

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